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Filming in Canada

From breathtaking snow-peaked mountains in British Columbia to charming small towns in Quebec, Canada has something for everyone when it comes to shooting locations. Producers have access to bustling streets, alpha skylines, stunning forests, lush green valleys, dramatic waterfalls, picturesque lakes, and rivers. Whether you're looking to depict the excitement of a vibrant metropolis or the tranquil mood of a small seaside village, chances are you can find it here.


Canada offers some of the most competitive production costs in the world. Not only are labor costs lower than in the United States and most European countries, but there are also plenty of incentives available to help offset production costs even further. For example, many Canadian provinces offer tax credits and subsidies that can save your production hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes and expenses.


Canada is very experienced in the world of film. Many movies and TV series shot in Canada have garnered international interest, including the production of several blockbuster movies. This list includes Good Will Hunting, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Titanic, Batman and Robin, Suicide Squad, The Fly and the much-loved Catch Me If You Can. Even the legendary Alfred Hitchcock created one of his masterpieces in The Great White North.


One thing that sets Canada apart from other filming destinations is its friendly culture. Canadians are known around the world for their hospitality, kindness, and politeness — and this extends to those who come here to work on movies and TV shows. You can expect everyone involved in your production — from hotel staff to local extras and security personnel — to be extremely helpful during your film production in Canada.

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