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Fill your properties faster.

Save time and resources with Placeholder Connect. Effortlessly list your properties on multiple websites and increase your chances of attracting high-quality leads.

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Advertise across 10+ channels

Create your listing on Placeholder.com and instantly share it across multiple real estate websites.

More exposure, more leads

More exposure, more leads.

Don’t miss out on quality leads by limiting the exposure of your listings. Placeholder lists your property on over 10 top marketplaces and classified ad channels in your market, maximizing visibility and generating leads that would otherwise go untapped.

Focus on high-quality leads only

Focus on high-quality leads only.

Busy schedule leaving you with no time for immediate lead responses? Rather spend more time growing your business? Let Placeholder Connect handle the initial lead funnel for you. We’ll respond within an hour, screen, and follow up, so you can focus on closing deals with high-quality tenants.

Why choose Placeholder?

industry expertise

Industry expertise

Empowering small businesses,

and Fortune 500 companies alike, 

Placeholder offers access to our industry-leading tools

at an affordable fee through a monthly subscription.

proprietary data

Proprietary data

We've developed an exclusive database

of market and tenant data,

now available to our customers.

proven marketing engine

Proven marketing engine

We’ve identified the listing promotion channels

and campaign structures with the highest ROIs,

resulting in over 20,000 leads generated to date.

Why brokers & landlords love Placeholder

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Extend your reach beyond the conventional channels favored by most brokers. Focus more on building relationships and closing deals, while Placeholder drives more visibility to your listings from direct tenants. With a premium plan, benefit from our experienced team who will do the filtering of leads for you, continuing to provide a professional service for your potential clients and ensuring you engage with high-quality leads.


Working without a broker? Simplify the process by managing your properties all in one place. No more juggling multiple platforms, paying for extra exposure, or managing separate accounts—just one straightforward solution.

landlord listing syndication
listing syndication for property managers

Property managers

Navigating lead sourcing, qualification, making sales, and finalizing deals is a time-consuming process that diverts your attention from business growth. Let Placeholder shoulder the workload and enable you to concentrate on expanding your property portfolio, enhancing tenant experiences, and boosting revenue. Now you can invest your time strategically in scaling your business.

Boost your listings and drive business growth

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