The Golden Rules

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LAST UPDATED: October 23, 2018. is a free service for web designers that serves 1+ billion images each month (learn more about the history of the site).

We have a few simple rules we ask you to respect:-

Rule #1: Usage Limits

You’re welcome to hotlink our images from small sites or staging servers; if your image usage is excessive, we’ll automatically block your domain or IP address & the images will 404.

Excessive means “over 100,000 page views per month” (this is subject to change, as we experiment with the new limits).

Need more impressions? We’ll shortly be launching a Placeholder Pro service, where you’ll be able to whitelist your domain or IP address for higher volumes of traffic.

Rule #2: Credit The Site

If you find useful, please link to us to let your users know about the tool and spread the word. We rely 100% on word of mouth.

That’s it.

Any Questions

Please check our FAQ first, then contact us.